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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Thank you so much Amy for this little piece of awesome.
I do believe it is my very first Blog Award. Yippee!

The rules of the tag are:

1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

So here they are in no particular order -

1. My little house.

I just moved into my very first house about three weeks ago with Spomes. We've both never had a house before, always staying in friends spare rooms, or in houses that had already been established. It feels wonderful to have all of my things in every room and to come home knowing that it is our own cosy slice of heaven. We still say "Hello House!" every time we come home and even cleaning it is still a novelty!

2. My Spomes.

My best friend. He is so wonderful, i could go on forever.
He is pretty much my everything. Le sigh. Love.

3. FOOD.

Oh Food, darling Food.
I love thee.
Chopping you up. Steaming you. Mashing you. Cooking you into scrumptious things.
You are really, my favourite thing. Look at you! I dream about you often.
I spend many happy hours of my weeks creating delicious meals with you, preserving you into jams and chutneys and baking you into cakes and brownies. I take pleasure watching my friends nom creations that i have made with you.
Please don't ever stop being so amazing.
Your humble slave for life,

4. Harry Potter.

Yes, it is true. I'm obsessed with everything to do with Harry Potter.
Utterly and slightly scarily obsessed.
Just the other day i was walking past a bookstore and caught the slightest hint of a Harry related display, i squeaked, looked at Spomes who, bless him, giggled and took my bags so i could sprint madly into the store with my hands flailing about and a giant grin on my face.
It was a Harry Potter pop-up book and of course i bought it.
So yes, it is heaven to me, I'm a natural bookworm, my nose is always buried in something so curling up with a book as imaginative and magical as Harry is bliss. I first picked it up many moons ago when the first and second books had already been released and it blew my mind, i fell in to the world of Harry and never wanted to get out. I even dressed up and waited in line with hundred of other people (read - children under the age of ten) for the release of each new book that came out. Yes. Uber nerd.


Crazy Cat Lady for life. That's me. Anything that slightly eludes to the feline form makes me meep and squeak. I adore them. I worship them.
I've had cats all my life. They fascinate me, i used to spend hours when i was younger watching my cats play with each other and sleeping. There is something about them that is incredibly calming.

When i return from Japan in October it will finally be my chance to adopt a kitten of my own. I haven't had one for a good few years and I'm positively aching for a little, purring bundle of fluff to call my own. I've already started scouring the adoptions sites and ringing around the shelters. The only problem i now face is not taking home two!

6. Family.

I've posted about them before.
I have an odd family. I often get told this. We are a little bit mental and a little bit wonderful. We have our issues, we have our drama's but we do actually love each other to bit's.
There is just four of us in our little family. There is Me, My brilliant Mum, My step-Dad Bill and my little brother Stephen and I'll fight you to the death if you do anything to hurt them.

Special mention to my Mumsy. The strongest woman I know. In the last two years she has battled breast cancer and a stroke while working full time. She is Wonder Woman and my inspiration.

7. Picnics.

Picnics are so romantic. Pretty dresses, sunshine, big hats, finger food. Heaven.
They combine my two favourite activities of eating and lounging and stick it under a beautiful tree in a park. What more could i want?

8. These losers.

My lovely friends. They are the most brilliant people i know. Moving away from them for eighteen months was so very hard and it made me realise how much i love their faces off. We are a big, ridiculous, happy family and we will still be a big, ridiculous, happy family when we are all old and wrinkly.

9. Movies.

I'm a movie addict. Anything will do! Old movies. New Movies. Action, Horror, Bio's, History, Rom-Coms, Foreign. I'll watch it all. (Wait! Apart from anything titled along the lines of Epic Movie, Scary Movie 1 - 17 etc - These people must die) I love getting absorbed in the story and in the characters lives, for me it is another wonderful way of escaping for a few hours to another world.

10. Flowers.

Every person should fill their life with flowers.
They are beautiful, natural and make me smile.

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Because she is truly fabulous.

Love to you all. Thank you for making my days shine.


  1. Thank you Laura for nominating me, and for your wonderfully kind words!

    And it appears I now have some new blogs to discover thanks to your recommendations!

  2. Thanks Laura! This is really exciting for me because...well, because you're really cool. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hopefully I will finally get around to posting it! :D

  3. Gosh! Thank you so much. You are far to sweat to an old fool like me.

    P.S. I would also list kitties over my family. :D

  4. Here is mine Laura, thanks!