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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The List.

So i just made a list of my New Year's Resolutions.
I'm not sure why i made this list, because A. I think New Years Resolutions are a crock of shit B. I never follow through with them anyway.
Actually, B. Was a lie. I actually followed through with a (hear that? ONE) New Years Resolution for ONCE in my life.
Yes, instead of sitting on my couch and praying to the God of Weightloss, and the Lady of Smaller Bottoms to make me thinner, i got up, joined a gym and What do you know? Slimmer me became a reality. Hoorah! Pip Pip Healthy eating and excersise, who would have thought it could work?
So, yes, while being a more healthier me is still number one on my list of things to do this year, it doesnt seem so daunting because something inside me kicked my lazy ass into gear and i saw results for this year.
Does that make me a cheater because it was a carry on resolution?
Anyway. My new resolutions go as follows:
1. Go to the gym at least three times a week. Already explained, enough said.
2. Stop being insecure. - Sadly, this is a terrible fault of mine (Who would of thought someone as perfect as me would have a fault?!)
3. Demand more respect at work. Oh ho, i happen to work with Two of the most selfish, tightarsed bosses in the world, so this will be a tough one to achieve, i may have to get a new job.
4. Spend more time making an effort on myself everyday. Ha! have got into a lazy streak with presentation, this is true, Dont get me wrong, i still shower and groom and such everyday, but going that little bit extra so i know i at least look good (or bettr than my usual stunning self.... arrogant much?) everyday is a must for next year.

Actually, that is all. ANd i'm starting tommorow, not Next Year. SO there.

That's about enough of my waffle fo now.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mass Swoonage.

God GOD i just saw Muse perform at The Riverstage.
Apart from being more than spectacular live, i had to physically retrain myself from leaping up on the stage and shagging young Matthew Bellamy raw.

Is there something about this tiny man that has the ladies throwing themselves at him in swoony masses? I mean, he isnt the most attractive man on earth, bad stubble, band teeth, bad hair. But plonk him on a stage, give the man a microphone and a piano and SWEET FUCKING CHRIST he is delicious.

Anyway. The gig was fantastic. I can die happy.
The end.

For now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My weakness.

You may have noticed one or two things about me.
One. I watch movies. Alot of movies.
I was talking to a friend last night, and i confessed that i would rather pay to see a movie than say, eat.
No really i would. After the usual deductions of rent and bills are removed from my paycheck, i have a inability to save, i find myself inevitably drawn to the movies.
Even if i have gone to the movies already that week, if Tuesday rolls around and i can scrape eight dollars from the wasteland that is my bank account off to the friendly people at Birch Carrol and Coyle i go.
Some people find music relaxing, reading (which i love almost equally as much, although i am banned from my local library - a WHOLE other story) blah blah blah. Movies are MY thing. I am watching a movie now, i watch one before i go to bed, i always seem to have a movie of some sort in the background, i will most likely be watching a collection of my favorites when i am on my death bed.

Anyhoo. It's getting to the part where Helm's deep is about to fall.
I bid you adieu.

My New Toy. And other stuff.

Well Ladies and Gents.
I have found something that may be better than porn on the internet.
Yes people, i just got photoshop on my laptop. Haroooh!
It only took himself about three thousand hours to download (Do i look rich enough to get a legal copy? Don't make me laugh)
SO. The delightful picture that you see before you is my very first attempt at something vaguely computer arty. I know it's crap, but i'm proud of it.
It was originally taken while i was waiting to go into The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. (which was a GIANT crock of shit if you are wondering, they made about 3 scenes 3D, the rest was the original movie, which was nice viewed on the big screen, but JESUS CHRIST i have it on dvd at home)
I do love 3D glasses.

I saw "Across the Universe" this afternoon. I was pretty disappointed when it had finished. For one thing, it was far far faaaaaaaaar too dragged out. There was 33 Beatles songs crammed into 133 minutes of film. A few if the songs were pretty much ass raped, but some were done incredibly well. It was one of those movies i would call so-so. The sets, costumes, characters (especially Jude - can i say SWOON and not be incredibly immature?) are amazing. Some of the scenes were amazing, especially a scene with the psychedelic bus trip and Bono.
Oh and the entire performance of 'Come Together' Fantastic.
For those two scenes i suggest that you go see it. But don't expect anything spectacular.

Anyway. I have sleep to catch up on.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ian Mckellen makes me swoon. Even as a frog.

So i'm in the process of watching 'Flushed Away' and Ian Mckellen plays the voice of this evil frog.
Even as a shitty side character, Mckellen is a fucking God.

That's about all i wanted to say.

Off to watch the skinny, crying bitches from America's Top Model. Bliss.

I love days off.

Woe is me. Or George.

Well, i woke up this morning and little George was still there, clinging to his branch, looking even shittier, more tired and crankier than yesterday, so i stood and chatted to him before i went to work, excited at the prospect of looking after him when i got home.

BUT, when i got back from work, i was informed that Moe Bundy had stalked and eaten my little fluffy new friend. All my dreams of being a heroic resucer have flown out the window. So currently i am wallowing in my own self pity, and shooting daggers at the cat, who really doesnt seem to give a damn.

ANYWAY. Saw Superbad last night with Himself, and i must say, it was fucking brilliant.

It was co-written by Seth Rogan who is just, oh. GOD, fantastic. I will definatly be in line for any movie he writes, directs or produces, he is great. I loved 40 year old virgin and Knocked Up, just cos of him, but SuperBad surpasses

Not to mention he had a KILLER mo' during the flick too.

Plus, i have sort of a celebrity crush on him. I do love a good celebrity crush, i havent had one since the days of Taylor Hanson, My GOD i loved Taylor Hanson. So, Seth Rogan, he's got this sort of presence around him, that makes me swoon. If he rocked up on my doorstep with a bunch of flowers, i'd bang him in a second.

SO Superbad was basiclly tale of two buddies and the lengths they go to for a shag. Set the night of their graduation party, it had some of your uaual teen movie elements, but not forced, or obvious. It was clever, funny, and kept me giggling throughout the whole damn thing. It was comic genius.

Anyway. I think it's time for tea.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Something interesting happened to me this morning, as i walked out of my room and down to the house for a shower and such i was swooped by about a million magpies. It would of been two, but in my half-asleep, stumbling state it felt like a scene remenicent of that stupid movie about the ten plagues with Hilary Swank and the locusts, remember the one?
Anyway, Usually the magpies are quite good around where i live, they sing to me from the safe distance of the trees, and i don't set my cat on them. We have an agreement. But today they breached the agreement and i couldnt figure out why, they went for me again when i came trudging back up to the room and then i spotted the reason for their attack. Two of their little babies had fallen out of a tree and were waiting patiently on the lawn for a heroic rescuer.
Cue me into the picture.
I don't know how the little fluffy babies had been floor-bound but they looked shitty, tired and in need of a good feed and nap. If it's possible for birds to look that way. So armed with a towel, a make-shift nest and a ladder i managed to catch said birdies, relocate them to the safety of the roof and stand back and enjoy my delightful handi-work.
When i got home from work today i went out and checked up on my little friends, who i had named Fred and George, (Yes, i get attached to creatures very quickly, i have a habit of naming spiders that live for more than three days in our bathroom) Fred had moved on, higher into the tree and to freedom, but fat little George is still out there near his nest waiting for the right time to move, which was, probably about four hours ago.
The problem is, there is a good chance that Serial Killer trapped in the furry overweight body of my ginger cat will have most likely polished off poor George by the time i wake tommorow, so i hope he gets his act into gear and buggers off.
So, we will see what happens.
I'm off to see SuperBad. With that fat guy who's name slips my mind.

GOODBYE gentle viewers.

Holy Shenanigans. A new blogger.

I think it is high time that i do something vaguely creative with my computer time.
I tell myself everytime i gravitate towards my laptop, 'i'll just check my emails, read the news and be done.'
Two hours later after i've been through the emails, flicked through the news, stalked randoms on Myspace, caused shenanigans on Facebook, Youtubed, Wiki'd, Nerded it up and bidded for at least a thousand things on Ebay i feel rather ashamed.
So in a completly half-arsed attempt of making my time infront of this screen worthwhile, i decided to start a proper blog. Not one of those floptastic myspace things. Oh no, this is the real deal.
A place for people to read my pathetic attempst at witty ramblings.
So here goes nothing.