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Monday, November 9, 2009


I couldn't decide what to have for tea tonight. It was so hot and i kept picking at bits of fruit and biscuits in the hope that it would fill me up and take my mind off the fact that it would be another long, hot night with not one but two fans whirring away to stop me from slipping into a heat related coma. So i pulled out my three favorite savoury foods in the entire world - Grainy or Sourdough bread. Avocado. Eggs.
And i came up with a little number that looks something like this.

Pan fried grainy bread with egg whites and and avocado. Add a little salt and some pepper, a tiny bit of cumin and i was in heaven. Also, most pleased that i didn't order it from a menu or cook it out of a packet. JOY.
Dessert was a mini calippo. Bliss.

I managed to score another day off tommorow. I'm going to hide in the movies during the heat of the day (A Christmas Carol is my pick because i am a sucker for Christmas), but i want to have a go at creating these little bundles of delicious as i have a very special guest coming to stay at the end of November and minty things are his favorite.

I'll tell you all about it later.