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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

If been feeling a little bit BLERG and large amount of EURGH this last week or so.
I've been working so very hard at my job and running the ridiculously busy day, or string of endless days as it would seem, as well as i can. I'm also learning a more managerial side of things and as fun and challenging as that is, it's tough being the new person at work and then suddenly being shot up to a higher position than that of people that have been there for years.
Working with fifteen women can be tough!
I feel a wee bit run down and a wee bit sad. I'm hoping this weekend will perk things up a bit. I plan for baked goods and a girly day with Diana to cheer myself up. I'd also like a haircut. It's funny how little things can alter your mood. I'm betting i'll be a picture of cheeriness and joy next time i blog.

Spomes and I picked up some uber cheap cobs last week so we made some AMAZING corn on the cob for dinner. Now I'm addicted to the stuff, like the great broccoli phase of 2010, i only have eyes for sweet corn (on the cob is a must). I just want to eat mountains of the stuff. It's so delicious i secretly wish that it would be on my plate every dinner time.

I try to balance this corn business with copious amounts of chocolate, of course.
Ahhh Chocolate. It makes me so happy. Even the teensiest amount after a crappy day has the ability to turn me from a snarling beast to an angel. Just a whiff of the stuff makes me swoon. At the moment I'm embracing the fact that Easter is celebrated in stores from January and only eating wonderful Easter chocolate. There is something about those Cadbury bunnies that i can't get enough of. I need to find out what makes Easter chocolate so scrumptious. Then i need to find the nearest gym and pay for my lack of strength and willpower.

On another note, little Louie is all settled in. He and Minette seem to adore each other and when they are not thundering around the house like idiots, they are in a neat, little kitten pile on the end of our bed. It's heavenly having them both around.
I also promise more recipes, i've got some strawberries and rhubarb that are asking to be made into something delicious.

Here's a pug with a moustache to end.