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Sunday, June 22, 2008

We came. We drank. We conquered. We left others with the clean up.

So, I've just been on my first official road trip since gracing the humble shores of Queensland over a year ago.
The destination was Caragh's 21st party in Brooklet, somewhere near China.
There were two cars, six people, four million photographs, two beautiful beaches, a big breakfast, bad singing, two banana's and the greatest costume party i have ever attended.

The convoy?
Super Ted Scott.

Rainbow Brite Diana.

Strawberry Shortcake Me.

Wally Tyaka.

Mario Karl.

and Luigi Ross.

We first stopped off at Coolangatta beach, for general swooning and photo taking of the views/attempts at amusing photographs on the border between NSW and QLD.
When we got to the border, our laziness and lack of creativity stopped us from taking said amusing photographs, so instead we entertained ourselves by putting Karl in a trolley, and taking photo's of the sticker we had stuck on Ross' back an hour ago. Oh the maturity.

Onwards to Nimbin for a mighty feast of burgers (and Earl Grey Tea for Ross) and to my great delight, offers of every type of weed available. I have only heard rumours of Nimbin, and i was suspicious as to whether people people were exaggerating the blatant offers of drugs. So needless to say, i was freaking over-joyed with the eight offers of weed as i walked through the streets. My favorite was the fourteen year old who circled us on his push bike while offering us cookies. JOY!

One of the most amusing parts of the evening was where we got hopelessy lost in the middle of Brooklet bush. We spent an hour driving back and forth in the dark up a road where there was no reception, stopping every now and then to stand on the car roofs in the vain hope of just one bar, we found two Cujo dogs that chased us down the road and a perfect setting for the beginning of a serial killer movie. Our cold and cranky nerves were well and truely frayed, there was talk of going home, talk of CP, talk of physical violence towards the people who had supplyed the directions until we found out that there are two roads called the same. We were on the party-less road. Sadly, the only thing that kept the passengers going was a dodgy a mizone bottle full of warm orange juice and vodka. Shaking our fists at the other road we sheepishly we turned around and ventured forth to the real road, vowing never to mention the freak third dimensional mystery road that we had spend time wandering aimlessly up and down.

So, when we FINALLY got to Caragh's, there was a frantic flurry of primary colours, pins, moustaches and furry bear heads and we were ready.
Everyone made such an amazing effort on their costumes which lasted less than two hours before the bizarre mixing and matching began.
(I will say that my favorite photo of the night was that of Danger mouse with the head of Pink Panther making out with Super Ted. Oh yes. My fantasy has been fulfilled)

It was a fabulous party.
We looked fabulous.
Here -

Here -

and Here -

Go nuts.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

RIght now.

- It is WAY to early in the morning and i am Far too seedy feeling for Target to be playing 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'
- I want a chicken roll.
- Shattered that my Laptop is too old and crappy for Ashley to download all the Sim's games in the universe.
- Target should not sing. Ever.
- Neither should Flykicks.
- My need for an iced coffee has taken over my need for a chicken roll.
- I am intregued by Ashley's talk of Bucket 'o' Curry.

That's about it.
I feel the need to blog about the world and such.
But the terrible singing, combined with being trapped in a movie cinema and being made to watch Speed Racer for two and a half hours last night has murdered my creativity.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things that make me really happy right now....

In no particular order.

$8 movie tickets.
Video's of kittens falling alseep on YouTube.
Black Tea with honey.
The smell of old, old books.
Giggling like a school girl.
Fresh, clean bedsheets.
Claire, Flykicks and Little Truck.
Hug's from Claire, Flykicks and Little Truck.
19 cent prints at Big W.
Individually wrapped dark chocolate.
The smell of coffee grind at work.
Flykicks talking like WALL-E.
Shiny, red nail polish.
Text messages of love.