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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lets play catch up.

Where in the world have i been the last three and a bit months?
I've been around, but i won't go into all the gory details.
Just the important bits, i promise.

Got ma hair did.

That's me on the right with my lovely friend Brit on the left. I've been hanging out for a change and fringe forever, so after scoring a pretty sweet voucher off the internet i finally went ahead and got the damn thing cut and it was the best decision EVER, i don't miss my birds nest hair one bit. I also got all the colours dyed out of it too, my hair looks like chocolate. Nom.

I jetted up to Darwin for the first time.

Spomey's Mum, Dad and various siblings all live there and his sister Sally was getting married so we went up there for five days. It was wonderful to finally meet all the Stranges in their natural habitat. Darwin is something else, it's so tiny! Beautiful beaches that you can't go one because you may get eaten by a crocodile! The afternoon wedding was absolutely gorgeous, on the lawns of the casino, it overlooked the beach meaning that they were married right as the sun started to set. The reception was amazing with a candy wonderland set up as you walked in. We were given a hotel room in the casino for the night by Sally, which was a perfect end to a lovely holiday.

Spomes and his beautiful sister.

AMAZING candy wonderland. It stretched for three long tables!

I got my wisdom teeth removed! (pictured here with Nurse Minnie on Day two, slightly swollen and completely out of my head on pain killers)

FINALLY. After at least three solid months of the most horrible toothaches one could imagine, infections, sleepless nights and kilos of pain killers, i was put to sleep and awoke minus a heap of teeth. All in all, it wasn't that bad. I was scared because i've never been under before but it was over quicker than i expected and i spent a week propped up in bed eating nothing but jelly, ice-cream and wonderful custard. Now I'm completely healed and my teeth are better than ever. I strongly recommend getting it done even if you have the slightest twinge. NOTHING is worse than a toothache.


It's like heaven on earth.
There were eight of us all together that road tripped down. Scott and I were only able to get the weekend free but it was the most relaxing and wonderful three days ever. All the food there is completely delicious, they have a 23 hour bakery. A 23 HOUR BAKERY. Meaning i could get baked goods at anytime of the day or night. Ridiculous. Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, beautiful Byron. Such a cruisy, lazy, dreamy place.

One of the many feast i had.

Just Jarrod and a LLAMA!

Our group and a very suspicious blue drink.

Last but not least,

Harry Potter. The end of an era.
The release of Deathly Hallows pt2 meant the end of all things Harry for me and the subject of my next post because it deserves one of its very own.
I'll be back very soon.