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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A different kind of cooking.

This afternoon I experimented in making some homemade cat food for my little fur-children.
The Spomes and I are amazed at how much dry food the fatties go through in a week (it's expensive stuff too) and I've been feeling guilty because I don't believe that a 100 percent dry food diet is very good for them.

Upon researching this topic I realised that every cat person has their own opinion on what is the best diet for a cat. They will quickly let you know that you are a terrible, horrible and cruel person if you don't follow their instructions and that your cat will die a long and painful death from bad dieting and neglect. HARRUMPH. Fuck that.
I immediately scratched turning to cat-nuts for advice and researched what kinds of raw foods are the most beneficial to a cat, what they need for a balanced diet and how much I should give them.
I then picked a few ingredients and started cooking.

Taurine is an essential dietary requirement for a cat, without it they simply can not survive. All packet pet food comes already injected with a nice dose so I needed to find a meat that was Taurine-rich so I wasn't depriving them of anything. Cue chicken livers.
Ugly, blobby chicken livers. Ugh. Taurine rich and absolutely disgusting. That was ingredient number one (about a kilos worth).

I also bought a whole, raw chicken carcass, one bag of brown rice, two zucchini, three carrots, one bag of peas, one bag of green beans, three garlic cloves, one sweet potato and some dried rosemary.

Here's what I did.

Boiled the rice until cooked and set aside to cool.
Chopped and steamed the potato, carrot, garlic, peas,beans and zucchini until they are slightly cooked then whizzed them through a food processor until they were pureed.
Hack the chicken carcass - bones and all - to smaller pieces.
Puree the meat as much as you can in a processor and then mix everything together.
Tub them up into serves of two (i have two cats) and freeze them.
It was easy peasy but REALLY messy.

I didn't take a photo but they look pretty much like this -

but with more greenery.

Oh and the cats LOVE it.

I've already started introducing it into their diet.