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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I <3 Huffing.

To Huff or not to Huff, that is indeed the question.

What is Huffing?
Well, i just googled that shit and apparently Huffing is the following.

1) Breathing fumes in order to get high.

2)The act of putting a splash of solvent or gasoline in a bad and repeatedly breathing in and out of the bag.

Usually accomplished with the inhalant of choice, silver or gold spray paint, which is sprayed onto a sock and then inhaled. Silver or gold spray paint is thought to have more solvent in it, making for a better high.

The huff er sometimes gets the paint all over their face.

Huffing causes severe brain damage and seriously afflicted individuals can be seen falling down and bruising themselves.
You can learn a lot about huffing from that great TV show, COPS.

This is not the Huffing i know and love!
This is how the Dictionary of Laura defines Huffing.

1) Placing yourself in the vicinity of a person and/or animal that is so ridiculously, adorably, cute, edible, NOM NOMish, that you feel the need to grab a handful of it and inhale said cuteness into your nostrils.
Thus giving yourself a delicious feeling of well being and peace with all the world.

To Huff. Oh yes, is to be at one with the world.
That is my kind of Huffing ladies and gentlemen.
But the problem is in the last few days, i may have huffed too much, therefore losing that deliriously happy feeling one gets from inhaling pure unadulterated cute.
I actually found myself Huffing a photo of Rachel's new kitten the other day, which means i may have gone too far.
I need Huffing related rehab. I need to set myself a Huff limit for the day, because right now i'm Huffing things into the thousands, i'm a Huffing whore, a Harlot, a Huffing crack addict....
The shame.

I'm off to the pound again.
Not a good start.